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Places that Help: District of Columbia

Sheriff Departments

June 13, 2016

Before your civil protection order can take effect, you must have your papers served to the abuser.

There are no sheriff departments in Washington, D.C., so you must have your papers served at your local Police Department. The Metropolitan Police Department does service of protection order petitions. In addition, the Domestic Violence Unit has a gentleman’s agreement with Montgomery/Prince Georges County Sheriff’s Department to accomplish service free of charge.

Check with the court clerk at the court where you filed for your protection order, since the court may be able to send the paperwork to the police department, saving you the trip.

For more information on how to get civil protection order in Washington, D.C., check the Restraining Orders page on our website, or contact the clerk of the court in the superior court. For a list of D.C. courts, check the DC Courthouse Locations page on our site. Listed below are telephone numbers and addresses for police departments in Washington, D.C. You may be able to find more up-to-date listings for police departments on the Metropolitan Police Department website.