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Safety when Preparing to Leave an Abuser

Updated: March 28, 2016

After you've left

If you are fleeing to a confidential location and you fear that the abuser will go looking for you, you might want to create a false trail after you leave.

  • You could call motels, real estate agencies, schools, etc. in a town at least six hours away from where you plan to go.
  • Ask them questions that will require them to call you back. Give them your old phone number (the number at the home you shared with the abuser, not the number to the place you are going).

However, do not make these phone calls before you leave. If anyone calls you back while you are still with the abuser, or if the abuser is able to check your phone to see what numbers you have called, the abuser would be tipped off that you are preparing to leave, which could put you in great danger.