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Religious Leaders

June 26, 2012

In this section, we will put resources and information that might be helpful particularly for Religious Leaders who are trying to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Please let us know if there is information you would like to see on this page.

Below are links to resources and organizations that you might find helpful.  Please also see our listings under the Places that Help tab at the top of this page.

Jewish Women International
The JWI website provides great information about domestic violence for adults and teens.
You can also read information on Jewish Divorce (Get) Law on our website.

Faith Trust Institute
An international, multi-faith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence.  FaithTrust Institute works with many communities, including Asian and Pacific Islander, Buddhist, Jewish, Latino/a, Muslim, Black, Anglo, Indigenous, Protestant and Roman Catholic. 
The Black Church and Domestic Violence Institute
Addresses issues of domestic violence in families and in all human relationships and the response of the Black Church.

The Peaceful Families Project
National organization that facilitates domestic violence awareness workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, provides cultural sensitivity trainings for professionals, and develops resources regarding abuse in Muslim communities.

Domestic Violence - An Islamic Perspective
Website founded in 1998 by a teenage girl who wanted to share with others everything that she loved about Islam - she was just a learning then and so the first version of ITMR was just a page with a link to the English translation of the Quran. Today, ITMR has grown with its webmaster - it has over 2000 files.

Religious leaders respond to domestic violence (Article on ReligionLink.org)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Article about a program  to help victims of domestic violence.

Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network
PADVN welcomes those who promote non-violence in all relationships. They provide advocacy and resources for the prevention of and healing from societal and domestic violence.