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December 13, 2019

If both parents can agree about PR&R, what will the agreement look like?

If both parents agree to divide or share parental rights and responsibilities, the court will usually assume that the agreement is in the child’s best interests and will enforce the parents’ agreement. If you want an agreement between you and the other parent to be complete and enforceable, the agreement must include statements about the following:

  • where the child will live;
  • when and how often there will be contact between the child and the non-custodial parent (parent-child contact);
  • who will make decisions about the child’s education;
  • who will provide for and decide about the child’s medical, dental and health care;
  • travel arrangements for the child;
  • how the parents will communicate with each other about the child; and
  • if PR&R are shared between the parents, how the parents will resolve disputes about the child when they cannot agree (such as mediation or binding arbitration).1

1 VT ST T. 15 § 666