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Legal Information: Virginia

Restraining Orders

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December 4, 2020

What protections can I get in an emergency protective order?

An emergency protective order can:

  • prohibit acts of family abuse or criminal offenses that result in injury to a person or property;
  • prohibit any contact by the abuser with you or your family or household members, including prohibiting the abuser from being in your/their “physical presence” (Note: “physical presence” includes intentionally maintaining eye contact with you or unreasonably being within 100 feet from your home or work);
  • grant you possession of a pet or companion animal (if you are considered an owner of the pet); and
  • grant you possession of the home that you and the abuser share and exclude (remove) the abuser.1

1 Va. Code § 16.1-253.4(B), (J)