Legal Information

After a Decision is Issued

September 21, 2021

What will a judge consider in a Motion for Reconsideration?

The exact factors a judge will consider when deciding whether to grant your Motion for Reconsideration will depend on your state’s laws. Generally, a judge will consider factors such as whether:

  • there is new evidence that is significant to the legal issue and was not available when the case ended, despite your best efforts to get that evidence;
  • the final decision was made after an incorrect interpretation of the law or the law has changed since the judge made his/her final decision; and
  • denying the Motion for Reconsideration will result in an obvious injustice.

These are general examples of what a judge may consider and may not be the specific factors in your state. You will want to contact a lawyer to find out what state laws apply to your situation.

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