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December 1, 2020

§ 60.25. Registration of foreign orders--Certified copy--Inaccurate orders--Affidavits--Fee

A. Any individual may register a foreign protection order in this state. To register a foreign protection order, an individual shall:

1. Present a certified copy of the order to the Secretary of State; or

2. Present a certified copy of the order to a law enforcement officer and request that the order be registered with the Secretary of State.

B. Upon receipt of a foreign protection order, the Secretary of State shall register the order in accordance with this section. After the order is registered, the Secretary of State shall furnish to the individual registering the order a certified copy of the registered order.

C. The Secretary of State shall register an order upon presentation of a copy of a protection order which has been certified by the issuing state. A registered foreign protection order that is inaccurate or is not currently in effect must be corrected or removed from the registry in accordance with the law of this state.

D. An individual registering a foreign protection order shall file an affidavit by the protected individual stating that, to the best of the protected individual’s knowledge, the order is currently in effect.

E. A foreign protection order registered under this act [FN1] may be entered in any existing state or federal registry of protection orders, in accordance with applicable law.

F. A fee may not be charged for the registration of a foreign protection order.