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Laws current as of January 8, 2024

Can I keep my address confidential if I move?

You may wish to take advantage of the New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program if you move to a new address and want to keep it concealed from the abuser. The program allows victims of domestic violence to apply for a designated address that only the Division on Women and its employees will know. When the State receives mail for you, the mail will be forwarded to you at your actual address. The program’s goal is to keep your address confidential in the records of State and local government agencies,1 including when applying for any type of public assistance, such as welfare or unemployment. You can also request that any state or local agencies through which you already receive assistance use the designated address. The agency must accept the designated address unless it can show the program that your actual address is necessary and required by law.

1 You can read the relevant laws on the NJ state government website