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Legal Information: New Jersey

New Jersey Court Forms

April 19, 2021

Some forms related to restraining orders are available online but not all of them. For example, you can find the forms and instructions for modifying or enforcing a restraining order or for asking to dismiss a final restraining order. However, the forms for filing a domestic violence restraining order do not appear to be available online. You may need to go down to the courthouse or call on the phone and ask the clerk for the proper forms. To figure out where to file please read In which county can I file for a restraining order? on our website. To find the courthouse near you please visit our NJ Courthouse Locations page. You can find additional court forms on the New Jersey courts website.

Someone in a domestic violence organization in your area may be able to help you get the forms and also help you through the process. To find a shelter or an advocate at a local program, please visit the NJ Advocates and Shelters page. You can also visit or call the NJ Courthouse Location in your area.

You can find information about domestic violence and custody procedures on the New Jersey State Judiciary website.