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Legal Information: Kansas

Parental Kidnapping

November 15, 2023

How could an abduction prevention order help me?

There are a number of different things that an abduction prevention order can include. For example, the order could:

  • set up travel restrictions that require a person traveling with your child outside of a certain area to give you a travel itinerary, list of addresses and phone numbers to where your child will be staying, and copies of all travel documents, such as airline tickets;
  • completely prohibit the other party from removing the child from the state or the country without first getting permission from the court or your written consent;
  • require that the other party register the order in another state before taking your child into that state;
  • require that your child’s passport be surrendered to your attorney or the judge;
  • limit the other parent’s visitation or require that it be supervised until the judge thinks that there is no longer a threat of abduction; and
  • include any other restrictions or requirements that the judge thinks will help decrease the risk of abduction.1

Note: Remember that an abduction prevention order does not guarantee your child’s safety and should be used in conjunction with other safety measures. For help in creating a safety plan, you may want to talk to an advocate at a local domestic violence organization. Please see KS Advocates and Shelters to find one in your area.

1 Kan. Stat. § 23-3808(d)