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May 28, 2020

586-5.6 Effective date

The temporary restraining order shall be effective as of the date of signing and filing; provided that if a temporary restraining order is granted orally in the presence of all the parties and the court determines that each of the parties understands the order and its conditions, if any, then the order shall be effective as of the date it is orally stated on the record by the court until further order of the court. Protective orders orally stated by the court on the record shall be effective as of the date of the hearing if the respondent attends the hearing or, if the respondent was served but failed to appear, then upon service of the protective order upon the respondent until further order of the court; provided that all oral protective orders shall be reduced to writing and issued forthwith. The judiciary shall provide forms which will enable the court to issue all temporary restraining orders forthwith.