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Legal Information: Florida

Florida Court Forms

March 28, 2014

The Florida Courts website has the forms you need here.  There are many types of injunctions - see the FL Restraining Orders page to find out which type of injunction is right for you.

Some forms can be filled out online but others you will have to print and fill them out by hand. You will have to sign most forms in front of a notary or in front of the clerk of court at the courthouse in your area.  You can also find a Family Law Self Help Center near you.

Contact Florida Courts Self-Help at selfhelpatflcourts.org or call (850) 921-0004(850) 921-0004 if you have any questions regarding:

  • Content of a form;
  • Find a form that you need;
  • Having difficulty downloading the form
  • Having a disability so that you cannot use the form in its current state.