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Places that Help: Connecticut

Sheriff Departments

June 14, 2023

Before a restraining order can take effect, it must be served upon the abuser. Although in many states, the sheriff department serves the order, in Connecticut, it is the state marshals who serve restraining orders. You can get a list of state marshals from the clerk of the court or online at the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Website. (WomensLaw.org is not affiliated with that website.) You can choose a state marshal from the town in which the abuser lives or works and call the state marshal to make the arrangements to serve the papers. At some courthouses, a state marshal is in the courthouse at certain times during the day to help with service. You can contact the court clerk in the court that issued your order to find out the procedure for service if you are unsure. For a list of Connecticut courts, check our CT Courthouse Locations page.