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December 3, 2020

7.92.130. Protection orders--Duration

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this section or RCW 7.92.160, a final stalking protection order shall be effective for a fixed period of time or be permanent.

(2) Any ex parte temporary or final stalking protection order may be renewed one or more times. The petitioner may apply for renewal of the order by filing a petition for renewal at any time within the three months before the order expires. If the motion for renewal is uncontested and the petitioner seeks no modification of the order, the order may be renewed on the basis of the petitioner’s motion or affidavit stating that there has been no material change in relevant circumstances since entry of the order and stating the reason for the requested renewal. The court shall grant the petition for renewal unless the respondent proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the respondent will not resume acts of stalking conduct against the petitioner or the petitioner’s children or family or household members when the order expires. The court may renew the stalking protection order for another fixed time period or may enter a permanent order as provided in this section. The court may award court costs, service fees, and reasonable attorneys’ fees as provided in RCW 7.92.100.

(3) Any stalking protection order which would expire on a court holiday shall instead expire at the close of the next court business day.

(4) The practice of dismissing or suspending a criminal prosecution in exchange for the issuance of a stalking protection order undermines the purposes of this chapter. This section shall not be construed as encouraging that practice.

(5) If the court declines to issue an order for protection or declines to renew an order for protection, the court shall state in writing on the order the particular reasons for the court’s denial.