Legal Information: Tribal

Abuse in Tribal Communities

Is it possible to generalize about tribal laws?

It is important to note that it is impossible to completely generalize about tribes. The information here does not apply to all tribes, nor is it written about any one tribe specifically. The tribal court on your reservation, if there is one, or a community center or women’s center in your area may have information specifically about your tribe.

The National Tribal Justice Resource Center in its article about Tribal Court History, writes: Approximately 275 Indian nations and Alaska Native villages have established formal tribal court systems. There is widespread variety in the types of forums and the law applied in each is distinctly unique to each tribe. Some tribal courts resemble Western-style judiciaries where written laws and rules of court procedure are applied. An increasing number of tribes are returning to their traditional means of resolving disputes through the use of peacemaking, elders’ councils and sentencing circles.

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