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As an advocate for victims of domestic violence, what do I need to know about immigration?

(Adapted from the National Immigration Project website.)

The immigration system, its laws, and its regulations are complex and change frequently. To ensure you have current information, you should develop a working relationship with a local immigration lawyer who can answer your questions about how to help noncitizens you may encounter. The National Immigration Project is on organization that is available to provide such information. Please, go to International/Immigration organizations under the Places that Help tab at the top of this page.

This section provides a brief overview of some basic immigration rules that advocates should keep in mind. To avoid accidentally jeopardizing those you wish to help, you should be familiar with these basic rules. For a thorough description of this information, please see

These are the basic immigration rules:

1. Refer non-citizens to immigration lawyers, not the USCIS.

2. Notify non-citizens of their rights when encountering USCIS.

3. Encourage non-citizens to talk to an immigration lawyer before they travel outside the US

4. Tell non-citizens with questions about their immigration status to talk to an immigration lawyer with expertise in domestic violence.