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Safety in Court

May 2, 2016

Leaving the courthouse

  • At the end of your hearing, ask the judge or the court officer/bailiff to "detain" the abuser. In other words, to hold him/her until you can leave.
  • If the judge or court officer won’t detain the abuser, think about letting the abuser leave the courthouse first, then wait a long time before leaving and try to leave out of a different exit than the main exit. However, even if you wait a long time, be aware that the abuser could still be out there waiting for you so be observant.
  • Have a police officer or sheriff walk out of the courthouse with you and walk you to your car if possible.
  • Have a friend pick you up at the exit or if you had a friend/family member come with you, make sure that s/he walks to your car with you.