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December 3, 2020

26.50.160. Judicial information system--Database

To prevent the issuance of competing protection orders in different courts and to give courts needed information for issuance of orders, the judicial information system shall be available in each district, municipal, and superior court by July 1, 1997, and shall include a database containing the following information:

(1) The names of the parties and the cause number for every order of protection issued under this title, every sexual assault protection order issued under chapter 7.90 RCW, every criminal no-contact order issued under chapters 9A.46 and 10.99 RCW, every antiharassment order issued under chapter 10.14 RCW, every dissolution action under chapter 26.09 RCW, every third-party custody action under *chapter 26.10 RCW, every parentage action under chapter 26.26A or 26.26B RCW, every restraining order issued on behalf of an abused child or adult dependent person under chapter 26.44 RCW, every foreign protection order filed under chapter 26.52 RCW, every Canadian domestic violence protection order filed under chapter 26.55 RCW, and every order for protection of a vulnerable adult under chapter 74.34 RCW. When a guardian or the department of social and health services or department of children, youth, and families has petitioned for relief on behalf of an abused child, adult dependent person, or vulnerable adult, the name of the person on whose behalf relief was sought shall be included in the database as a party rather than the guardian or appropriate department;

(2) A criminal history of the parties; and

(3) Other relevant information necessary to assist courts in issuing orders under this chapter as determined by the judicial information system committee.