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December 3, 2020

10.14.115. Enforcement of order - Knowledge prerequisite to penalties -- Reasonable efforts to serve copy of order

(1) When the court issues an order of protection pursuant to RCW 10.14.080, the court shall advise the petitioner that the respondent may not be subjected to the penalties set forth in RCW 10.14.120 and 10.14.170 for a violation of the order unless the respondent knows of the order.

(2) When a peace officer investigates a report of an alleged violation of an order for protection issued under this chapter the officer shall attempt to determine whether the respondent knew of the existence of the protection order. If the officer determines that the respondent did not or probably did not know about the protection order, the officer shall make reasonable efforts to obtain a copy of the protection order and serve it on the respondent during the investigation.