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December 27, 2016

What is the legal definition of domestic violence/abuse in Utah?

This section defines domestic violence and abuse for the purposes of getting a protective order:

Note: If you are being abused by someone who you dated but with whom you never lived, you may be eligible for a dating violence protective order (which lasts for 180 days) – see the Utah Courts website for more information.  If you are seeking a protective order only for your child (and not also for yourself), your child may be eligible for a child protective order, which you can read more about on the Utah Courts website.  If you do not qualify for a domestic violence protective order, you may be able to get a civil stalking injunction.  You can read more about this type of order on our Stalking Injunctions page.

* UT ST § 78B-7-102(1)

** UT ST §§ 78B-7-102(5); 77-36-1(4)