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November 19, 2020

What is the legal definition of a dating relationship?

A dating relationship is a social relationship that is romantic or intimate, or that is the goal of you or the other person. However, a dating relationship does not have to involve sexual intimacy.1

In deciding whether you and the abuser have a dating relationship, the judge will consider the whole situation and surrounding circumstances, including:

  • whether you and the abuser formed an interpersonal bond beyond casual socializing;
  • the length of your relationship;
  • the nature and amount of interactions between you and the abuser, including communications showing the intent to start a dating relationship;
  • ongoing expectations of you and the abuser about the relationship;
  • whether you and the abuser presented yourselves as a couple to others either by actions or statements; and
  • whether there are other reasons to support or disprove a finding that a dating relationship exists.2

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