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Legal Information: Tribal

Abuse in Tribal Communities

Where can I find additional resources on the Internet?

There are many resources available online which provide information on Domestic Violence on Tribal land.  Many are listed on our Native American page under National Organizations.

Where can I find local resource centers, shelters, and legal aid providers?

There are many local resource centers, shelters, and legal aid providers available to give you help, support, and advice. Many do not have websites but you may be able to find them on this website; in your local phone book; or through a local community resource center. 

To find state and local Programs for Native Americans, go to the Places that Help tab at the top of this page and select your state, then Local and State Programs, then Programs for Native Americans.

Click here for national programs for Native Americans.  (You may access this list anytime from the National Organizations link under the Places that Help tab at the top of this page.) 

Where can I find contact info for tribal courts in my area?

The Tribal Court Directory is available online.

The National Tribal Justice Resource Center created this directory of links to the various tribal courts and justices systems from across the nation. You can view the full Tribal Court Directory, or search for tribal courts by state or by tribal court name.