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7-20-102. Arrests without warrant

(a) In addition to arrests specified in W.S. 7-2-102, any peace officer who has probable cause to believe that a violation of W.S. 6-2-510(a) or 6-2-511(a) has taken place within the preceding twenty-four (24) hours or is taking place or that a violation of W.S. 6-2-502(a) or 6-2-504(a) or (b) has taken place within the preceding twenty-four (24) hours or is taking place and that the person who committed or is committing the violation is a household member as defined by W.S. 35-21-102(a)(iv), may arrest the violator without a warrant for that violation, regardless of whether the violation was committed in the presence of the peace officer.

(b) A peace officer, without a warrant, may arrest and take into custody a person if:

(i) An order of protection has been issued by a circuit or district court as authorized by W.S. 35-21-104 or 35-21-105 stating on its face the period of time for which the order is valid and specifically restraining or enjoining a household member, as defined by W.S. 35-21-102(a)(iv), from entering onto premises, from physical abuse, threats of personal abuse or acts which unreasonably restrain the personal liberty of any household member, or from abducting, removing or concealing any child in the custody of another household member or from transferring, concealing, encumbering or otherwise disposing of petitioner's property or the joint property of the parties;

(ii) A true copy and proof of service of the order has been filed with the sheriff's office having jurisdiction of the area in which the moving party resides;

(iii) The person named in the order has received notice of the injunctive order;

(iv) The person named in the order is acting in violation of the order or the peace officer has probable cause to believe that the person violated the order within the preceding twenty-four (24) hours; and

(v) The order states on its face that a violation of its terms subjects the person to a criminal penalty pursuant to W.S. 6-4-404.