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4770. Sexual assault

Any person who performs sexual penetration, whether vaginal, anal, oral-genital, digital or instrumental under any of the following circumstances shall incur a severe second degree felony:
(a) If the victim has not yet reached the age of sixteen (16) at the time of the event.
(b) If due to mental disability or illness, whether temporary or permanent, the victim is unable to understand the nature of the act at the time of its commission.
(c) If the victim has been compelled into the act by means of physical force, violence, intimidation or the threat of serious and immediate bodily harm.
(d) If the victim's capability to consent has been annulled or diminished substantially without his/her knowledge or without his/her consent by means of hypnosis, narcotics, depressants or stimulants, or similar means or substances.
(e) When at the time of the commission of the act the victim is not conscious of its nature and this circumstance is known to the person accused.
(f) If the victim submits to the act by means of deception, trickery, simulation or cover up with respect to the identity of the person accused.
(g) If the victim is forced or induced by means of abuse or physical or psychological violence into participating or becoming involved in unwanted sexual relations with third parties.
(h) If the accused person is a relative of the victim, by ascendancy or descendancy, or consanguinity, adoption or affinity, or collateral by consanguinity or adoption up to the third degree.
(i) When the accused person takes advantage of the trust deposited in him/her by the victim because there is a relationship of superiority because the victim is under his/her custody, guardianship, or primary, secondary or special education, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, or any type of counseling, or because there is a relationship with the victim as the leader of his/her religious belief.
If the conduct typified in subsection (a) of this section is committed by a minor who has not yet reached the age of eighteen (18), the offender shall incur a third degree felony if prosecuted as an adult.