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25-01-01. Definitions

In this title, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:

1. “Defective delinquent” means an incompetent mentally deficient person over eighteen years of age who has been found, in accordance with the procedures established in chapter 25-04, to have demonstrated a pattern of aggravated antisocial behavior such as to present a probable peril to the life, person, or property of others, or who has given substantial evidence of continuing propensity for such behavior.

2. “Licensed physician” means an individual licensed under the laws of this state to practice medicine and also means a medical officer of the government of the United States while in this state in the performance of the physician's official duties.

3. “Mentally deficient person” means any person, minor or adult other than a mentally ill person, who is so mentally defective as to be incapable of managing that person's affairs and to require supervision, control, and care for that person's own or the public welfare.

4. “Mentally ill individual” means an individual having a psychiatric or other disease which substantially impairs the individual's mental health.

5. “North Dakota vision services--school for the blind” means the North Dakota vision services-school for the blind as maintained under section 25-06-01.

6. “School for the deaf” means the school for the deaf of North Dakota.

7. “State hospital” means the state hospital for the mentally ill.

8. “Superintendent” means the superintendent of the state hospital, of the life skills and transition center, of North Dakota vision services--school for the blind, or of the school for the deaf, as the case may be.

9. “Supervising officer” means the executive director of the department of human services or the superintendent of public instruction, as the case may be.