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14-07.1-03. Temporary protection order - Copy to law enforcement agency.

1. If an application under section 14-07.1-02 alleges an immediate and present danger of domestic violence to the applicant, based upon an allegation of a recent incident of actual domestic violence, the court may grant an ex parte temporary protection order, pending a full hearing, granting such relief as the court deems proper.

2. An ex parte temporary protection order may include:

a. Restraining any party from having contact with or committing acts of domestic violence on another person.

b. Excluding the respondent or any person with whom the respondent lives from the dwelling they share, from the residence of another person, or from a domestic violence shelter care facility.

c. Awarding temporary custody or establishing temporary visitation rights with regard to minor children.

d. Requiring the respondent to surrender for safekeeping any firearm or other specified dangerous weapon, as defined in section 12.1-01-04, in the respondent's immediate possession or control or subject to the respondent's immediate control, if the court has probable cause to believe that the respondent is likely to use, display, or threaten to use the firearm or other dangerous weapon in any further acts of violence. If so ordered, the respondent shall surrender the firearm or other dangerous weapon to the sheriff, or the sheriff's designee, of the county in which the respondent resides or the chief of police, or the chief's designee, of the city in which the respondent resides.

3. Unless otherwise terminated by the court, an ex parte temporary protection order remains in effect until an order issued under section 14-07.1-02 is served.

4. A full hearing as provided by section 14-07.1-02 must be set for not later than fourteen days from the issuance of the temporary order. The respondent must be served forthwith with a copy of the ex parte order along with a copy of the application and notice of the date set for the hearing.

5. The clerk of court shall transmit a copy of each temporary protection order, or extension, modification, or termination thereof, by the close of the business day on which the order was granted to the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the residence of the applicant or over the residence at which the actual domestic violence that is the subject of the temporary protection order has occurred, or is likely to occur, if requested by the applicant and approved by the court. Each appropriate law enforcement agency may make available information as to the existence and current status of any temporary protection order issued pursuant to this section, through an existing verification system, to any law enforcement officer responding to the scene of reported domestic violence.

6. Fees for filing and service of process may not be assessed to the petitioner for any proceeding seeking relief under chapter 14-07.1.