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Sec. 828. Temporary order of protection; temporary order for child support

1. (a) Upon the filing of a petition or counter-claim under this article, the court for good cause shown may issue a temporary order of protection, which may contain any of the provisions authorized on the making of an order of protection under section eight hundred forty-two, provided that the court shall make a determination, and the court shall state such determination in a written decision or on the record, whether to impose a condition pursuant to this subdivision, provided further, however, that failure to make such a determination shall not affect the validity of such order of protection. In making such determination, the court shall consider, but shall not be limited to consideration of, whether the temporary order of protection is likely to achieve its purpose in the absence of such a condition, conduct subject to prior orders of protection, prior incidents of abuse, extent of past or present injury, threats, drug or alcohol abuse, and access to weapons.

(b) Upon the filing of a petition under this article, or as soon thereafter as the petitioner appears before the court, the court shall advise the petitioner of the right to proceed in both the family and criminal courts, pursuant to the provisions of section one hundred fifteen of this act.

2. A temporary order of protection is not a finding of wrongdoing.

3. The court may issue or extend a temporary order of protection ex parte or on notice simultaneously with the issuance of a warrant, directing that the respondent be arrested and brought before the court, pursuant to section eight hundred twenty-seven of this article.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of section eight hundred seventeen of this article the court may, together with a temporary order of protection issued pursuant to this section, issue an order for temporary child support, in an amount sufficient to meet the needs of the child, without a showing of immediate or emergency need. The court shall make an order for temporary child support notwithstanding that information with respect to income and assets of the respondent may be unavailable. Where such information is available, the court may make an award for temporary child support pursuant to the formula set forth in subdivision one of section four hundred thirteen of this act. An order making such award shall be deemed to have been issued pursuant to article four of this act. Upon making an order for temporary child support pursuant to this subdivision, the court shall advise the petitioner of the availability of child support enforcement services by the support collection unit of the local department of social services, to enforce the temporary order and to assist in securing continued child support, and shall set the support matter down for further proceedings in accordance with article four of this act. Where the court determines that the respondent has employer-provided medical insurance, the court may further direct, as part of an order of temporary support under this subdivision, that a medical support execution be issued and served upon the respondent`s employer as provided for in section fifty-two hundred forty-one of the civil practice law and rules.