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93-22-9. Registration of order

(1) It is not required that any foreign protection order be registered in Mississippi; however, any individual may register a foreign protection order in this state on behalf of the individual or any protected person. To register a foreign protection order, an individual shall present a certified copy of the order to the chancery clerk's office of any county in this state.

(2) Upon presentation of a protection order, the chancery clerk shall enter the order into the Mississippi Protection Order Registry as provided in Section 93-21-25.

(3) At the time of registration, an individual registering a foreign protection order shall file an affidavit by the protected individual that, to the best of the individual's knowledge, the order is in effect at the time of the registration.

(4) The failure to register a foreign protection order pursuant to the provisions of this section shall have no effect on the validity or enforceability of the order by Mississippi law enforcement or courts.