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Legal Information: Puerto Rico


Laws current as of November 25, 2023

What happens when joint custody is issued but one parent refuses to work together with the other parent?

When joint custody is issued but one parent refuses to accept the judge’s order and acts in a way that interferes with the other parent’s relationship with the child, there can be serious consequences. If one parent is accused of this sort of “parental alienation,” the judge can order an evaluation by Family Services or a licensed professional who will evaluate all parties and prepare a report for the judge. If the judge finds evidence that one parent did, in fact, commit “parental alienation,” the judge can take custody away from that parent or make other requirements that must be followed, such as attending therapy. In addition, if the judge believes that the parent’s actions have caused emotional or psychological damage to the children, the judge can order the parent to pay for therapy for the child.1

1 31 L.P.R.A. § 7284