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Legal Information: Oregon

Housing Laws

Laws current as of December 5, 2023

Can a landlord refuse to renew my lease or evict me because I am a victim? What if the police have been called to my home due to the abuse?

You cannot be discriminated against in any way for being a victim. Your landlord cannot do any of the following based on the fact that you are a victim (however, s/he can do these things for other reasons):

  1. terminate your tenancy;
  2. fail to renew your tenancy;
  3. serve you a notice to terminate your tenancy; bring or threaten to bring an action for possession (eviction);
  4. increase your rent;
  5. decrease services; or
  6. refuse to enter into a rental agreement with you.1

Specifically, your landlord cannot take any of the six actions listed above if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • you are/were a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, bias crime, or stalking;
  • there was a violation of your rental agreement that stemmed from an incident of domestic violence, sexual assault, bias crime, or stalking being committed against you; or
  • there was criminal activity relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, bias crime, or stalking against you and/or the police or other emergency response personnel came to your apartment based on an incident in which you were abused, sexually assaulted, victimized in a bias crime or stalked.1

There are more related protections that we do not mention here. To read the additional protections and the penalties for a landlord who violates this law, please read section 90.449 on our Selected Oregon Statutes page.

1 OR ST § 90.449(1)