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Legal Information: Nevada

Parental Kidnapping

January 9, 2024

If the other parent takes my child out of state without my permission, can s/he be charged with kidnapping?

This may likely depend on the specific facts of your situation. For specific advice, please talk to a lawyer who specializes in custody before leaving the state if at all possible. Go to our NV Finding a Lawyer page for legal referrals. In general, a parent may be able to leave the state of Nevada for brief periods of time with the child if it doesn’t interfere with the other parent’s time with the child, violate any specific terms of the order, or violate Nevada’s custodial interference law. However, if a parent is planning on relocating out of state, there are specific steps that have to be followed first. For more information, go to If there is a custody order in place, can I relocate?