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November 27, 2017

What is a civil no-contact order?

A civil no-contact order (also known as a 50C order), is a court order that aims to protect you from unwanted sexual conduct or stalking by someone you do NOT have an intimate or familial relationship with* (such as an acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, or stranger).  If you have one of the intimate or familial relationships with the offender that is described in Who can get a domestic violence protection order (DVPO)?, then you would need to file for a domestic violence protective order (DVPO), not a civil no-contact order.

In a civil no-contact order, a judge can order the abuser or stalker to stop all nonconsensual sexual conduct, to stop stalking you and to stay away from you.**  You may receive a temporary order, which will last until you can have a full court hearing (usually within 10 days)*** and a permanent order, which will last up to one year.****

* NCGS § 50C-1(8)
** NCGS § 50C-5(b)
*** NCGS § 50C-6(b)(4)
**** NCGS § 50C-8(b)