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Legal Information: North Carolina

Restraining Orders

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February 6, 2020

What protections can I get in a civil no-contact order?

A civil no-contact order can:

  • Order the respondent not to visit, assault, molest, or interfere with you in any way;
  • Order the respondent to stop stalking or harassing you, including at your workplace;
  • Order the respondent not to abuse or injure you;
  • Order the respondent not to contact you by telephone, written communication, or electronic means (i.e., email or social websites);
  • Order the respondent to stay away from your residence, school, work, or other specified places at times when you are present; and
  • Order other relief that the court thinks is necessary and appropriate to protect you, including ordering either party to pay the other’s attorney’s fees.1

1 NCGS § 50C-5(b)