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Legal Information: North Carolina

Housing Laws

Laws current as of
December 22, 2023

Once I give notice to my landlord to end my lease, do I still have to pay my rent?

You will only have to pay the rent that is due up to the termination date that you wrote in your notice to the landlord.  So, if you are ending your lease in the middle of the month, you are only responsible for half a month’s rent.  You have to pay it when the rent would normally be due under the terms of your lease – for example, the 1st of the month.  You cannot be charged any additional fees by the landlord for properly ending your lease early – for example, the landlord cannot keep your security deposit if you gave proper notice for terminating the lease.1  See If I am a victim, can I terminate (end) my lease early? for the proper way to end your lease.

1 See NCGS § 42-45.1(b)