Legal Information: North Carolina


February 14, 2022

Can a grandparent get visitation rights?

If there is an on-going custody case involving the child, a grandparent can be granted visitation rights as part of the custody order if the judge believes it is appropriate.1

If the child is adopted by a relative or a step-parent, a biological grandparent can file for visitation rights if a substantial relationship exists between the grandparent and the child. The judge can order visitation rights if visitation is in the best interest of the child. However, if the parental rights of both biological parents have been terminated and the child is adopted by someone other than a step-parent or relative, the biological grandparents lose any rights to file for visitation.2

1 NCGS § 50-13.2(b1)
2 NCGS § 50-13.2A

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