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Legal Information: Mississippi

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 19, 2023

Who can get a domestic violence protective order?

If you area victim of abuse, as defined by law, you can apply for a protective order against:

  • a spouse or former spouse;
  • someone you live(d) with “as a spouse;”
  • someone you have a child in common with;
  • someone you are related to by blood, adoption, or marriage who you live(d) with;
  • a current or former dating partner.1

Any person over 18, or someone under 18 who is legally married, can file for a protective order. If the victim is an unmarried minor or someone who is alleged to be “incompetent,”then that person’s parent, adult household member, or a “next friend” can file for a protective order on his/her behalf.2

1 MS Code § 93-21-3(a)
2 MS Code § 93-21-7(1)