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Legal Information: Minnesota


Laws current as of December 18, 2023

Can the non-custodial parent have access to the child's medical, health, and school records?

Both parents, regardless of who has custody, will have the following rights unless the judge takes away any of these rights in an effort to protect the welfare of the other parent or the child:

  • the right to access, and to receive copies of, school, medical, dental, and religious training records, police reports, and other important records and information about the child;
  • the right to access information regarding health or dental insurance available to the child;
  • the right to be informed by the other parent as to the name and address of the school the child attends;
  • the right to be informed by school officials about the child’s welfare, educational progress and status, and to attend school and parent-teacher conferences. Note: The school is not required to hold a separate conference for each party, unless attending the same conference would result in violation of a court order prohibiting contact between the parties;
  • the right to be notified by the other parent of an accident or serious illness of a minor child, including the name of the health care provider and the place of treatment;
  • the right to reasonable access to the child and to telephone or other electronic contact with the child; and the right to be notified by the other parent if the child is the victim of a crime, including the name of the investigating law enforcement officer or agency. However, there is no duty to notify the other parent if s/he is the alleged perpetrator of the crime.1

1 Minn. Statutes § 518.17(3)(a) - (3)(c)