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Legal Information: Maine

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 28, 2023

How can I modify (change) or extend my protection from harassment order?

To change (modify) your final protection from harassment order, you will need to make a motion to the court and the harasser must be notified. The court will have a hearing and may modify the terms of an existing order if circumstances have changed and the judge believes there is a good reason to change the order.1

Note: Once you get a temporary order, a harasser may ask the court to end (terminate) or change (modify) the temporary order and must only give you two days’ notice before the court date.2 The court may also have the final hearing on the protection from harassment order at the same time it hears the harasser’s request to vacate or modify the temporary order.3

To extend your protection from harassment order, you will need to file a “Motion to Extend.” The Maine courts website recommends filing your motion 30 days before the expiration date so that there is no gap in protection.3 The judge may extend your order for additional time if a judge believes that is necessary to protect you from harassment.

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