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December 14, 2023

§ 27. Jurisdiction of courts to restrain violation of Secs. 23 to 26; applicability of other laws to requests to change locks

The superior court, housing court, district court and Boston municipal court shall have jurisdiction in equity to restrain violations of sections 23 to 26, inclusive. Section 18 of this chapter and section 2A of chapter 239 shall apply to an act taken in reprisal against a person for requesting that locks be changed under section 26.

Notwithstanding sections 23 to 26, inclusive, if a court has issued a protective order under chapter 209A, or any other law, ordering a tenant, co-tenant or member of the household to vacate the dwelling unit, the owner shall not interfere with the order and upon a request to change the locks as described in section 26, shall comply with such request.