Legal Information: Louisiana

State Gun Laws

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April 14, 2017

What is the penalty for violating these federal or state firearm laws?

Anyone who owns, has or buys a gun in violation of the federal firearm law can be punished by a fine, jail time for up to 10 years, or both.1

In addition, if the abuser has committed one of the following crimes, Louisiana state law makes it illegal for him/her to possess a gun: a “crime of violence” which is a felony, various burglary crimes, manufacture of possession of a bomb or other incendiary device, possession of a firearm while possessing or selling a controlled dangerous substance, felony illegal use of weapons, any violation of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law (LA R.S. 40.961 et seq.) which is a felony, any crime defined as a sex offense, or an attempt to commit any of these above-listed offenses.2  A person violating this law can be punished by 5 to 20 years in jail and a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.3  An attempt to violate this law can be punished by a maximum of seven and a half years in prison and a fine of $500 to $2,500.3

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2 LA R.S. 14:95.1(A)
3 LA R.S. 14:95.1(B)