Legal Information: Kentucky

Housing Laws

November 15, 2023

How does this law affect the person against whom I have the protective order or no contact order?

If you changed your lock under this housing law, a landlord can refuse to provide the abuser a key to the new lock on your rental property, regardless of what is included in the lease or rental agreement. Additionally, someone who has been excluded from the property as part of the protective order or no contact order is still responsible for rent.1

Regardless of whether the abuser is a party to the lease or rental agreement, s/he is considered to have “interfered” with the lease or rental agreement between you and your landlord and s/he can be held liable in civil court for money damages that the landlord suffers for early termination of your lease.2

If you and the person against whom you have the protective order or no contact order are co-tenants, the landlord also has the right to refuse to allow the abuser access to the rental property and the landlord can pursue all available legal remedies against him/her, including lease termination, eviction, and suing for money damages.3

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