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June 21, 2021

60-1626 Same; court information; classes; mediation; forms

(a) The court shall inform the parents, or require them to be informed, about:

(1) How to prepare a parenting plan;
(2) the impact of family dissolution on children and how the needs of children facing family dissolution can best be addressed;
(3) the impact of domestic abuse on children, and resources for addressing domestic abuse; and
(4) mediation or other nonjudicial procedures designed to help them achieve an agreement.

(b) The court may require the parents to attend parent education classes.

(c) If parents are unable to resolve issues and agree to a parenting plan, the court may require mediation, unless mediation is determined inappropriate in the particular case.

(d) The clerk of the district court shall supply forms and information prescribed by the supreme court which may be used for submission of temporary and permanent parenting plans.