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June 21, 2021

60-1623 Parenting plan; definitions

(a) “Temporary parenting plan” means an agreement or order issued defining the legal custody, residency and parenting time to be exercised by parents with regard to a child between the time of filing of a matter in which a parenting plan may be entered, and any other provisions regarding the child’s care which may be in the best interest of the child, until a final order is issued.

(b) “Permanent parenting plan” means an agreement between parents which is incorporated into an order at a final hearing or an order or decree issued at a final hearing without agreement that establishes legal custody, residency, parenting time and other matters regarding a child custody arrangement in a matter in which a parenting plan may be entered.

(c) “Legal custody” means the allocation of parenting responsibilities between parents, or any person acting as a parent, including decision making rights and responsibilities pertaining to matters of child health, education and welfare.