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Legal Information: Indiana

State Gun Laws

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October 27, 2020

I am a victim of domestic violence and the abuser has a gun. Is that legal?

If you have an order for protection against the abuser, or if the abuser has been convicted of a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor, then federal law states that it is illegal for him/her to buy, own or have a gun in his/her possession.1

In addition, Indiana state law says that a person who has been convicted of a crime of domestic violence may not possess a firearm.2 However, five years after the conviction, the person can petition to have his/her right to possess a firearm restored.3

Note: There are certain requirements that your order for protection must meet for it to qualify under federal law. See I have an order for protection against the abuser. Can s/he keep a gun or buy a new gun? to read more about what those requirements are.

If you are not sure if the abuser has been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, see What crimes are considered domestic violence misdemeanors?

To read the definition of a felony, see What is the definition of a felony?

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