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Legal Information: Illinois

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Workplace Protections

July 10, 2020

How much advance notice do I need to give my employer to take time off from work? And what proof do I need to provide?

You must give your employer at least 48 hours’ advance notice of your intention to take the leave, unless providing such notice is impossible. When an unscheduled absence occurs (one where you did not give advance notice), you must provide a sworn statement within a reasonable period after the absence saying that:

You also have to provide documentation from a victim services organization, an attorney, a member of the clergy, or a medical or other professional from who you sought help from in addressing domestic, sexual, or gender violence; or a police or court record; or other evidence.1

Note: Whenever you ask for time off to deal with issues related to domestic, sexual, or gender violence, it might be a good idea to ask your employer in writing, and to keep a copy of the letter. This way, if the employer denies you the time off, you have some proof that you asked for it in case you decide to bring legal action against the employer for violating the law.

1 820 ILCS § 180/20(c)