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Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of January 11, 2024

Who can file for a gun violence protective order?

You can file for a gun violence protective order if there is a “significant danger” that the respondent will harm him/herself or others by owning, buying, or receiving a firearm or ammunition or by having a firearm or ammunition in his/her custody or control. Additionally, to file for a gun violence protective order, you must be:

  • a law enforcement officer;
  • the respondent’s “family or household member;”
  • a licensed doctor, advanced practice registered nurse, psychologist, or psychiatrist who has examined the respondent;
  • an educator who works at a school or other learning institution to which the respondent has a connection; or
  • the respondent’s co-worker.1

You are the respondent’s “family or household member” if you:

1. are the respondent’s:

  • current or former spouse;
  • current or former reciprocal beneficiary, which is someone with whom the respondent has a significant personal, emotional, and economic relationships but is prohibited from legally marrying;2
  • parent;
  • child;
  • relative by blood or adoption;
  • current or former dating partner;1

2. have a child in common with the respondent; or

3. currently live or formerly lived with the respondent, including as an adult roommate or romantic partner.2

1 HI ST § 134-61
2 HI ST §§ 134-61; 572C-4