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December 10, 2020

MR 2.1.7. Contempt

A. Civil Contempt.

(1) Upon violation of a protective order, or a court-approved consent agreement of the parties, the Court may hold the Respondent in contempt, as follows:

(a) If the judge certifies that he or she saw or heard conduct constituting contempt and it was committed in the actual presence of the court, and any person found guilty of such contempt may be punished summarily by a fine not exceeding $25.00 or by imprisonment not exceeding five days or by both. The order of contempt shall recite the facts and shall be signed by the judge and entered of record.

(b) Other than as provided by subsection (a), contempt shall be prosecuted on notice and a hearing. Any person found guilty of contempt, other than as provided by subsection (a), may be subject to the same penalty as a person found guilty of a petty misdemeanor, which is, a definite term set by the court not to exceed sixty (60) days imprisonment.

SOURCES: 7 GCA §§ 40109, 34101(a) and (b); 9 GCA § 80.34.

Local Rules Super Ct., Rule 2.1.7, GU ST SUPER CT Rule 2.1.7