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December 10, 2020

MR 2.1. Family Violence Orders of Protection

SOURCE: Rule 14 adopted by Sup. Ct. of Guam Prom. Order No. 06–003 (Mar. 31, 2006). Renumbered by Compiler to follow section number designations for the Rules of the Superior Court of Guam. Promulgation Order No. 06–006–04 (Jan. 11, 2008) adopted forms to be used with these Rules, effective immediately.

AUTHORITY: These rules shall govern the Order of Protection process in the Superior Court, for all persons as defined under 9 GCA § 30.10(b), and 7 GCA § 40101(d), who seek an order of the Court for exigent and immediate relief from abuse or the threat of abuse by a family or household member.