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January 16, 2020

13-14.5-102. Definitions

As used in this article 14.5, unless the context otherwise clearly requires:

(1) “Extreme risk protection order” means either a temporary order or a continuing order granted pursuant to this article 14.5.

(2) “Family or household member” means, with respect to a respondent, any:

(a) Person related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the respondent;

(b) Person who has a child in common with the respondent, regardless of whether such person has been married to the respondent or has lived together with the respondent at any time;

(c) Person who regularly resides or regularly resided with the respondent within the last six months;

(d) Domestic partner of the respondent;

(e) Person who has a biological or legal parent-child relationship with the respondent, including stepparents and stepchildren and grandparents and grandchildren;

(f) Person who is acting or has acted as the respondent’s legal guardian; and

(g) A person in any other relationship described in section 18-6-800.3(2) with the respondent.

(3) “Firearm” has the same meaning as in section 18-1-901(3)(h).

(4) “Petitioner” means the person who petitions for an extreme risk protection order pursuant to this article 14.5.

(5) “Respondent” means the person who is identified as the respondent in a petition filed pursuant to this article 14.5.