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Restraining Orders

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April 4, 2019

What is a civil harassment order (CHO)? How long do they last?

You can get a civil harassment order against someone with whom you are in a relationship, to whom you are related, or against someone with whom you do not have an intimate or familial relationship (such as an acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, or stranger). The purpose of a civil harassment order is to stop further abuse and harassment.

In a civil harassment order, a judge can order the harasser to stop harassing you and to stay away from you. If the judge believes there is a good reason to do so, you may be able to include other family or household members on the order.1 You may receive a temporary order if you show reasonable proof of harassment and that you will suffer great or irreparable harm.2 A temporary order will last until you can have a full court hearing (usually within 21 - 25 days).3 An order after hearing will last up to five years and can be extended for up to an additional five years. If the order does not have an expiration date on it, this means that it will last for three years from the date it was issued.4

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